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Released: 1981

Publisher: Artic Computing Limited

Platform: Sinclair ZX81 (16k ram pack required)

Programming, Art & SFX: Jon Ritman

History: My first attempt at programming a game, this was really just an attempt to find anything to program having just learnt how. I had seen an arcade game in a pub (I was camping in the pub's back garden with some mates at the time) and simply tried to copy the rough memory I had of the early levels - I could only do the early levels because I had never been good enough to get any further. When I started this game I had never heard of an assembler and as a result I was hand converting to hex and then entering it with a simple hex editor.. Discovering assemblers meant a complete rewrite, mind you it was far from easy with the assembler from Bug Byte only having 256 labels and with the cranky tape saving system that the ZX81 enjoyed. I think it took about 3 months to write but I was working full time as a TV repairman at the time.

The name comes, of course, from my surname backwards.



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