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Released: 1994

Publisher: Rare/Titus

Platform: Game Boy

Programming: Jon Ritman

Art: Bernie Drummond

SFX & Music: Dave Wise

History: After leaving the Spectrum scene I worked with Rare for several years – producing the development tool GLAM used for nearly all their games. I also designed and programmed Monster Max, a huge isometric adventure, for the Game Boy. Max was twice the size of Head over Heels with over 600 locations and each location could be much bigger than any on the previous isometrics. Bernie did his usual wonderful artwork and I have little doubt that graphically Max was the best game ever on the platform. Max got the best reviews I’ve ever seen but Titus seemed very slow in getting it on the shelves – I have to question the reasoning behind getting 98% in January’s reviews and selling it the following December. As a result the sales were fairly poor for a Game Boy product. Such is life.


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